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ERTH Beverage Co.

ERTH Beverage Co. is a value-driven craft beverage company who is challenging the idea of what a beverage company can be. ERTH creates small batch, inventive, functional beverages, with ethically sourced ingredients and a commitment to providing a healthy and delicious beverage experience.

These amazingly innovative beverages and flavor combos are brought to life by Eric, a biologist, chef, brewer, and fermentation enthusiast and Sam, a master herbalist and holistic nutritionist. Together they are a powerhouse of functionally-formulated recipes, creative delivery systems, and innovative tastes.

The packaging combines the unique, wonderfully-weird spirit that reinforces the purpose of this rebel brand. We placed the simple, pure ingredients front and center with nothing to hide. Each label exudes wit and personality to educate the consumer on the functional goodness inside.

Services Provided: Creative Services