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Case Study 


The social media technology space is crowded and it can be difficult to differentiate a product. We partnered with Buffer to hone their purpose and give their brand a facelift to help position them against their competitors.

Buffer is one of the largest social media SaaS companies in the world with over 8 million users worldwide and over $16 million in annual revenue. From small-business owners to full-stack content teams, Buffer provides balance to the demanding efforts of building an editorial calendar, responding to customers, and analyzing performance. We simply focused on the beauty of that promise in the work we created for them.

Services Provided: Purpose Positioning™, Creative Services

I loved working with Against. They have been incredible for helping me and my team with our branding and marketing — awesome ideas, beautiful design work, and really effective and invigorating brainstorming. They did a complete brand identity overhaul for us, and I loved how they approached it from first principles, really understanding the why of our business and how it works. They are at the very top of my shortlist for people to work with.
— Kevan Lee, VP of Marketing at Buffer