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Case Study 


Auya is a company on a mission to challenge the status quo of what it means to be normal in an industry of messed up idealism. Auya is for women from Boise to Brooklyn. Women who wear lipstick. Women who wear chapstick. Women who carry big sticks. Women in mom mode. Women in beast mode. Women who rock out to ‘80s music and women who just rock. Women with blue hair, no hair, and big hairy goals. Women who like to play ball. Women who call the ball. Women who lift heavy weights and women who lift others up. Women of all ages, shapes and abilities. Auya is for women who show up.

We helped Auya build their brand from the ground up. Branding, packaging, marketing strategy, ads, and the e-commerce store were all grounded in the purpose of the brand; to create a community of strong women who use their strength to lift others up. The rebel brand stands against the old, tired traditions of the rest of the industry.

Services Provided: Purpose Positioning™, Creative Services, Reach, Analytics


Champion strong women who use their strength to lift others up.


We envision a world where criticism and judgment are exchanged for curiosity and kindness, both toward ourselves, and others.


Spread confidence and kindness.