A new Creative agency forms in Boise.

Boise, Idaho Advertising executives, Jennie Myers and Brad Weigle announce the launch of a disruptive new creative services company based in Boise, Idaho. They call themselves Against, and focus on rebel brands, helping companies define their purpose by going against the grain and stand out by disrupting the status quo.

“‘People hate advertising and no one cares about your brand.’ The first step in creating a brand that other humans will actually notice is admitting this very thing. We work with people who are disruptors and change makers, people who care about what the modern consumer needs and are brave enough to go against the grain” — Jennie Myers, Against. Co-founder.

Jennie Myers
Jennie is a highly awarded creative, with over 15 years of experience working in marketing and advertising. With a background in design and an MBA, she carries the torch for creativity leading teams to creatively solve complex business problems.

Brad Weigle
Brad Weigle has 10+ years of experience in marketing and technology working with some of the largest brands in the Northwest. Brad builds marketing and creative strategies that help companies disrupt and innovate within their space. Along with his strategic work, he acts as a “creative coach” where he helps leadership teams build more creative cultures.

Outside of Against, you’ll find Brad and Jennie on campus, at Boise State, as the directors of the Certificate of Innovation + Design program, where they teach students creative confidence and modern cognitive, social, and technical skills. Along with the certificate program, they serve as adjunct professors at the College of Business and Economics for the National Student Advertising Competition, where students pitch a national brand and compete against other schools from around the country.

Client Quotes

“Against is amazing - as our business is growing they have put a ton of time and support into our daily and strategic needs.  I love the hands on approach and really feeling like are part of our team!”
— Louis Armstrong, Killer Creamery

”If you care about quality, care, and results; hire Against to lead design for your brand. Their commitment to excellence and creativity in the work that they produce, are just a couple of the reasons that make it such a pleasure to work with Brad and Jennie. Their attention to detail and pursuit of the most relevant ways to integrate technology and catalyze audience engagement (combined with their fun and edgy approach), put them in a distinct league of their own.”
— Alison Skilbred, College of Innovation + Design, Boise State University

“Against has been great to work with.  They are young, edgy and professional. Our social media and internet presence has increased by tenfold with their expertise.  They also handle all of our radio, print, and television campaigns. I can't say enough regarding the difference they have made for my company.”
— TJ Kemp, Direct Orthopedic Care

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The “Tweet” version:
New creative company opens in Boise Idaho. Who cares? Brands who are ready to go against the grain care. Here we go Against. A creative company for rebel brands.  #against #goagainstthegrain #creativeordie

Our Shark Tank Intro:
Hello Sharks, I’m Jennie Myers, this is Brad Weigle, and our company is Against. Across the country, there are thousands of companies who suffer each year from satus-quo-itis. These companies continue to blend in, play it safe, and we find that their true potential continues to be stunted. Through our extensive research and 20+ years collective experience, we found a way to help these companies. Against helps normal companies go against the grain, disturbs the comfortable, and influences exponential ROI with exclamations of OMG. We regularly get texts from clients filled with fist bumps, unicorns, heart-eye emoji’s and “making it rain” gifs. So what do you say Sharks, are you ready to go against?

Hopeful Adage Caption:
When at first you don’t succeed, try, try Against.

What would Fox News say:
The rebels are coming! The rebels are coming!

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