What is a rebel brand?


Scene: A group of people are sitting around a table in a beige conference room, with no windows, taking a poll on what idea everyone can agree on. Chairman Bob thinks the way it’s always been done is just fine. After all, it’s worked up till now—why change? Susan, thinks the idea isn’t clear enough, “Some people won’t get it. We need everyone to get it. Let’s just be direct.” she says, adding one last jab to creativity “let’s not be TOO clever.” Peter has no point of view, he doesn’t care, he hates his job, he likes the free coffee, and the paycheck supports his doing-nothing on the weekend habit. He shows up and agrees with whatever Bob says.


A rebel brand is run by rebel souls. People who give a damn. People who think there is a better way than the old way, the safe way, the beige way. Rebel brands are in touch with the modern consumer, they realize that to stay relevant you have to constantly iterate, innovate and change. “Gasp. That sounds expensive.” It’s not. It takes just as much money to create a lame idea as it does to create a great idea.

The world is busy, and crowded with lame advertising. Which is good for rebel brands. The beigeness that everyone else is creating is a sea of ignobleness that provides the perfect backdrop for doing something great. Something relevant, stirring and brave. If that sounds risky consider this, it’s more dangerous to your ROI to be safe. When you do the same thing as everyone else, you blend in, you won’t get noticed, and you have to get noticed before you can get picked. If you’re not the rebel brand in your category, someone else will be.

As Mrs. E. Roosevelt said, “Do something everyday that scares you.” (Rebel gold!) Making bold moves a habit takes practice. Think of Against as a personal trainer for rebel minds. We’ll work it out together and grow strong, badass brands.