Here we go against.

First, a gracious thank you.

We wouldn’t be here without our families, friends, mentors, colleagues, and partners. We owe each of you a huge thank you. You know who you are. Without your love, support, questioning, guidance, and lessons, we wouldn’t have the skills or guts to do this.


After the OMG’s, the first question we get is “why?” Why, would you leave a badass agency, badass jobs, and badass people to start all over again. Well…it’s pretty simple. We wanted to do something different. Like others before us, (the very ones who created said badass past agency) we felt like there might be, yet another way to build this type of business. So we did. We wanted to create a company that represents the rebels. Both for the brands that rebel against the norm and for the creative people looking for a sense of belonging on their own rebellious terms.

Our founding clients all have a sense of rebellion. They want to go against the expected industry playbook, disrupt the category, and make real change in their customer’s lives. Those are the types of people we want to work with.

Naming the Company “Against”

We wanted something unique that said it all in one word. Something that was rebellious. Something that represented us and the brands we want to work with. Something that stirred conversation. Something that spoke directly to those who go against the grain. After all, how can we preach and recommend relevant, stirring and brave choices to our clients if we couldn’t be relevant, stirring and brave ourselves?

Final Thoughts

This is going to be fun. Here we go against…