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Case Study 

Happy Family

As a leadership team it can be hard to gauge the health of the culture at times especially as teams expand, locations multiply, and business is rocking. Fear of speaking up, disengaged management, or blindness from focusing on all of the other things in the business can take its toll on any company culture. The challenge is identifying exactly what it is that may be causing issues. We worked with Happy Family at their annual offsite to gauge the health of the culture and analyze data in real-time so it could be presented right in front of all employees, in the moment, allowing for some incredible reflection on the year’s events.

Services Provided: Creative Services, Analytics, Coaching

The Sentiment Arc

We worked with Happy Family to conduct a real-time exercise at their annual company retreat to analyze the sentiment and outlook employees held at that point in time. To do so, we simply asked “How have you felt in the past 30 days?” And “How do you want to feel in the new year?”

We then used machine learning to analyze and score the sentiment of those answers and plotted them on a sentiment arc. Each arc represents a person’s first answer matched with their second. The most negative feelings were placed on the left with the most positive feelings on the right. This allows a company to view a snapshot of the culture at any given point in time by analyzing three things:

  1. The most common positive and negative feelings shared amongst people.

  2. How positive or negative people are feeling overall.

  3. Their outlook or hope for a more positive future. 

*Note: Data within the sentiment arc above is placeholder content to respect the privacy of the company and employees.

Offsite Retreat Video

To wrap up the event, we used photos taken at the offsite retreat and put together a highlight reel with a special message. We found that the voiceover from one of their latest commercials not only had a great message for their customers but a reflective message for employees so we used it as the VO overtop the photos from the event to recap the positive vibes and progress made during the retreat.