Culture doesn’t live on paper or in pixels. It’s not decided by a few and then distributed to the rest. It’s not reserved for discussions once a year or checked off a to-do list. It doesn’t live within pingpong tables, kegs, or taco Tuesdays.

It is earned, defended, respected, shared, debated and lived. Every day, in every decision, in every email, in every disagreement and in every person. It is the manifestation of a common purpose from diverse people. It is a summation of the values and collective actions of all people that make up a company.

Culture draws lines in the sand. It is for some things and against others.

We are for asking for forgiveness and against asking for permission.

We are for self-starters and against self-doubters.

We are for collaboration and against committees.

We are for directness and against dictators.

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Rebel against the norm and make the world a more creative place.



  1. Rebel.

    Rebel against the norm, the typical, and the expected. The world doesn’t need another copy. Be a leader. Take risks.

  2. Enrich the world.

    We’re not here to just make a living. We’re here to make purposeful connections and make a better future.

  3. Have humility.

    Assume you can learn something from every person and every experience and don’t assume anything else. Be kind and humble in your approach.

  4. Challenge your perceptions.

    Look at the world through a different lens to find a new appreciation. It’s through collaboration and debate where progress is made.

  5. Do the right thing.

    Always do the right thing just because it’s the right thing, even when it’s hard.

  6. Go forward.

    Positivity and proactivity create possibility.

  7. Stay curious.

    You can’t search the far corners of your mind if you never spend the time to go there. Make time to play, get lost, and explore.




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